Three Important Components for Creating a TV Commercial

Three Important Components for Creating a TV Commercial

Advertising through a Commercial

A TV commercial is a very popular and important form of advertising. Whenever a person or company wants to create a TV commercial, there are some important components to keep in mind.

The Script

The purpose of a commercial is to convince the viewers to purchase your product or service. The script should be short, yet possess key points that will capture the interest of others.

The Visuals

Whether it’s people, objects or a combination of both, the visuals will have an impact on the commercial. The visuals used should relate to the product and perfectly suit the subject matter.

The Production

What’s the point of having a good script and great actors if the production quality is low? It’s important that both audio and visual are of high quality and match well with the other.

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Free Wavz Video Shoot with Sony F5

Free Wavz Video Shoot with Sony F5


Digital Zoetrope Productions was hired by Tight Line Productions recently to shoot and edit a video highlighting the ease of use of the Free Wavz wireless headphones during workouts. The video was shot primarily with our Sony F5 Cinealta camera. A GoPro Hero 3+ attached to a Phantom Quadcopter also was used for a few aerial shots.

For many of the exercise shots such as the CrossFit sequence and Boxing sequences, we utilized the F5’s high frame rate capabilities and recorded at 180 frames per second. This allowed us to slow down and ramp up the video in post to create a unique look for the video.

Free Wavz are wireless headphones made by Hear Gear and are designed for workouts. So to show off the freedom wireless headphones give you, we shot four “Vignettes” with different workouts, Boxing, Weight Lifting, CrossFit and Running.

The first 3 vignettes were shot in a gym while the running vignette was filmed along the causeway and riverfront in Melbourne. The Sony F5 primarily shot with our 24-78mm f2.8 lens with a couple of shots utilizing our wide angle 12-24mm f4 lens and our 50mm f1.4 Zeiss prime lens. Lighting was primarily accomplished with Kino Flo Diva lights and Mole Richardson Baby and Tweeny LED lights.

Post-production was completed on Digital Zoetrope’s Adobe Premiere Pro editing system. The Sony F5’s robust codec and S-Log2 capabilities allowed us to really play with the color correction in post to give the video a more “edgy” look. Check out the finished video above.

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IMG 0072
Digital Zoetrope Productions wins 2014 ADDY Award

Digital Zoetrope Productions wins 2014 ADDY Award

Digital Zoetrope Productions just won a 2014 ADDY Award for our TV commercial for Computer Experts entitled, “Cell Phone Toilet”. The :15 TV spot follows a young woman who makes the surprisingly common mistake of putting her cell phone in her back pocket and then using the restroom. Let’s just say, water damage ensues. The spot was designed to highlight the fact that one of Computer Experts’ services is cell phone repair, even water damaged ones.

The spot was shot and produced in February of 2013 using Digital Zoetrope Productions’ Canon 60D camera package with our 28-74mm f2.8 zoom lens and our 30mm f1.4 prime lens. Post-production was completed on our Final Cut Pro edit suite and the titles and video were composited in Adobe After Effects CC. It then aired throughout Brevard county Florida on Bright House Cable across a variety of networks.

In addition to the ADDY Award for Computer Experts, Digital Zoetrope Productions also provided production services for several other ADDY Award winners including several TV spots for Space Coast Cancer and the Department of Space Coast Tourism.

The ADDY Awards are conducted by the American Advertising Federation. The ADDYs represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels from anywhere in the world.

Digital Zoetrope Produces two new TV commercials with the Sony F5

Digital Zoetrope Produces two new TV commercials with the Sony F5

Digital Zoetrope Productions recently completed work on two :60 TV commercials for the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA). Both spots were produced primarily with DZ’s new Sony F5 CineAlta camera. The spots are testimonial based and recount the experience of two individual’s experiences with the VNA’s Hospice House. In addition to the Sony F5, we shot a second angle of the interviews with a Canon 5D Mark III. Lighting consisted of primarily Kino Flo Diva lights and a few ARRI fresnels. Post-production was completed on our Adobe Premiere Pro CC edit suite. The spots were contracted through the VNA’s agency, Tight Line Productions.




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