Color Correction and the Sony F5

Recently, Digital Zoetrope Productions worked with filmmaker Daphne Stacey to produce an independent film entitled In A Moment. The film was shot exclusively with our Sony F5 Cinealta Digital Cinema camera and utilized that camera’s S-Log2 gamma curve setting. What the Sony F5’s S-Log2 gamma setting allows you to do, is to record a scene with a “flat” picture profile that keeps most of the original information from the camera’s sensor. Essentially, this profile is as close as the camera can record to a RAW setting without actually using the AXS-R5 RAW Recorder with the Sony F5.

Shooting in S-Log2’s flat profile allows us to color correct the final image immensely without sacrificing image quality. S-Log2 preserves the dynamic range of a shot, meaning that information from both the highlights and shadows are recorded for use by your editing/color correction system. In the case of In A Moment, color correction was done exclusively in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 utilizing a combination of built-in color correction filters and Look Up Tables (LUT) from James Miller’s excellent Deluts collection.

Here is a sample of the difference in the S-Log2 footage and the color corrected footage: (Click to enlarge to their original 4K size)

Scene1 S Log2

Original S-Log2

Scene1 CC

Color Corrected Canon F5

The above sample was color corrected using Miller’s Liverpool LUT at 20% opacity and Adobe Premiere Pro’s RGB Curves and Fast Color Correction effects. This helped us achieve a dark, somber mood look to the footage.

Scene2 S Log2

Original S-Log2

Scene2 CC

Color Corrected

This sample utilized Miller’s Lichfield LUT at 100% opacity and Adobe Premiere Pro’s RGB Curves and Fast Color Correction effects.

Scene3 S Log2

Original S-Log2

Scene3 CC 1024x429

Color Corrected

Lastly, this scene was color corrected using Miller’s Lichfield LUT at 100% opacity and RGB Curves and Fast Color Corrector. The saturation was also increased to about 120% since the mood of this scene is more hopeful than the previous two scenes.

New Intersil Video on Orion Program

orion videoRecently, Digital Zoetrope Productions completed a corporate video for Melbourne, FL based semi-conductor company Intersil about their involvement on NASA’s Orion program. The video details how Intersil had several integrated circuits (ICs) in the Command Module on the Orion spacecraft.

The video was shot at Intersil’s Palm Bay, FL based facility where they make radiation hardened ICs. It was shot primarily with our 4k Sony F5 Cinealta camera package. We also utilized our Canon 60D DSLR package as a “B” camera. In addition to several interviews, we also filmed several scenes inside Intersil’s clean room facilities where they fabricate and test the ICs.

clean room 255x300This project is one of many video productions that Digital Zoetrope has done for Intersil, but it certainly was one of their more interesting projects to work on. Not only was it a challenge to film in a clean room environment, but it was also a pleasure to work on a project that has to do with our nation’s space agency. The Orion project, with it’s eventual planned mission to Mars, is the United States’ next generation of space craft that will continue our country’s space exploration program.






Digital Zoetrope Wins Five Addys

Digital Zoetrope Wins Five Addys

On February 21st, Digital Zoetrope Productions won 5 ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation. The 5 awards were for three different clients, Intersil corporationCruiseOne and Hear Gear. The first of the awards was for the video, “Power Your Future”, done for Intersil. “Power Your Future” is a video that details why Intersil is a great place of employment. The second award was for the “Power Your Future” campaign, which was a series of videos done for Intersil’s Human Resources Department. The third award was for the “Focus on Power Management” campaign for Intersil. This campaign was a series of videos that highlight the new Power Management technologies and direction for Intersil’s semi-conductors. The fourth award was for “Mason’s Surprise Cruise”, a heart warming video about a free cruise given to a needy family by CruiseOne. The fifth and final award was for “Free Wavez – Be Unstoppable!” done for Hear Gear with Tight Line Productions acting as the agency. “Be Unstoppable!” is a video that showcases Hear Gear’s innovative wireless earbuds.

The five ADDY Awards won by Digital Zoetrope Productions represent a perfect sweep as DZ had five nominated videos and won with all five. This marks the second year in a row that Digital Zoetrope Productions has won an ADDY award, winning an award in 2014 for a television commercial done for Computer Experts.

You can watch the award winning videos below.

Power Your Future at Intersil

Intersil Power Management

Mason’s Surprise Cruise

Free Wavz…Be Unstoppable

Power Your Future Campaign

Digital Zoetrope Produces Human Resources Video with the Sony F5


Recently Digital Zoetrope Productions produced a human resources video for Intersil utilizing our Sony F5 Cinealta Camera package. The video, entitled “Power Your Future”, is intended to entice potential candidates to consider a career with the semiconductor company. The video was shot at Intersil’s corporate headquarters in Milpitas, CA and incorporated both DZ’s Sony F5 camera as well as our Canon 60D camera which primarily captured a second angle of the interviews from our Kessler pocket dolly. Most of the lighting consisted of 2 LED 1×1 panels and/or available light. The outstanding dynamic range of the F5 was instrumental in allowing us to shoot several of the interviews outside on Intersil’s campus. Almost all of the interviews were shot in S-Log2 which allowed us to have a lot more to play within color-correction in post. Post-production was completed back at DZ’s editing facility in Florida and was done with our Adobe Premiere Pro CC suite.

Digital Zoetrope Creates a Video Blog for a Comic Book


Recently, Digital Zoetrope Productions teamed up with Blue Juice Comics to produce a series of video blogs for BJC’s The Accelerators comic book. The blogs were shot with a combination of cameras, including the Canon 5D MKIII, Canon 60D and Panasonic HVX-200. The idea behind these blogs is to give the readers a behind-the-scenes look into how comic books are created from the ground up. The interview setups were really quite simple with nothing more than a key light and hair light used in most situations. This allowed us to keep a small footprint and utilize a small crew. For the “b-roll”, DZ was given access to the comic books artwork at various stages. These included not only the finished pages, but the original pencil art, inks and covers. Here’s a sample of one of the blogs we did.

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