Reasons To Use A Video Production Company

Reasons To Use A Video Production Company

Get the Best Possible Video

Regardless the purpose of the video, you always want to guarantee it’s of high quality. There is the option to create the video yourself; however, utilizing a professional video production service is a better option.

The Right Equipment

A quality video requires more than a video camera. Production companies possess high-quality video cameras, lighting equipment and video editing software that are necessary to create outstanding videos.

Experienced in Script Writing

Your video should get its message clearly across to the audience. Video production companies are experienced in writing scripts that can get the message across in an effective way.

Save Time

Unless you are highly experienced in video editing and production, producing the final work can be time-consuming. Professional production companies can save you time having the final edit ready in a timely manner.

The next time you need to create a video, choose a professional video production company to assist you. Digital Zoetrope Productions offers exception video production services that results in quality videos every time.

Digital Zoetrope Creates a Video Blog for a Comic Book


Recently, Digital Zoetrope Productions teamed up with Blue Juice Comics to produce a series of video blogs for BJC’s The Accelerators comic book. The blogs were shot with a combination of cameras, including the Canon 5D MKIII, Canon 60D and Panasonic HVX-200. The idea behind these blogs is to give the readers a behind-the-scenes look into how comic books are created from the ground up. The interview setups were really quite simple with nothing more than a key light and hair light used in most situations. This allowed us to keep a small footprint and utilize a small crew. For the “b-roll”, DZ was given access to the comic books artwork at various stages. These included not only the finished pages, but the original pencil art, inks and covers. Here’s a sample of one of the blogs we did.

Canon 60D + Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly

Canon 60D + Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly

If you’ve ever heard of or are a fan of Philip Bloom, then you know of his “Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket Dolly”. Well, Digital Zoetrope Productions is a proud owner of a Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly and I must say, it is an absolute pleasure to shoot with it. Unlike most sliders, the PBPD uses a crank system and offers drag control. It’s very sturdy and is 3 feet in length. (2 foot versions are available) It mounts to a tripod or two C-stands or to two little “feet” for using on the ground. You can also add a motor to it and uses it for motorized time lapses.

Digital Zoetrope Produces a Video to Introduce Intersil’s New Website


Recently, Digital Zoetrope Productions produced a minute long video for Intersil Corporation to introduce their new website. The video plays on the theme of a futuristic user interface to accentuate the intuitive web experience of Intersil’s new site and features Intersil CEO Dave Bell. The video was shot at Left Hand Man Studios in San Jose, California and at Intersil’s corporate offices in Milpitas, California using a Panasonic HPX-500 P2 camcorder. Post-production was then done at DZ’s offices in Melbourne, Florida utilizing Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects CS 5.5.

Using a GT Glidetrack Slider with the Canon 60D


Editor’s Note: I do not own a GT Glidetrack Slider, nor have I been in anyway, approached or paid by Glidetrack to write about their product. I simply had the opportunity to use their slider and felt the need to write a post about it.

On several recent TV commercial shoots, I had the opportunity to use the GT Glidetrack Shooter SD camera slider with my Canon 60D. The Shooter SD mounts onto your tripod and gives you roughly 2 feet to slide your camera back and forth to give you a look very similar to a camera dolly. (I say roughly 2 feet as I didn’t bother to measure it) The camera mounts onto a Manfrotto 501hdv video head which in turn mounts to the Glidetrack. This allows you to pan and tilt the camera while “dollying” along the slider.

GT Glidetrack Slider Shooter SD

While the Glidetrack is obviously not as long as a full on camera dolly, I found it to still be quite useful. A lot of the shots for the series of ads we were recording that day benefited from just a slight camera movement. I’m a big fan of subtle camera dollies in shots and this little piece of gear does just that. It’s also incredibly portable and lightweight. Once you build the rig on set (which took around 5 to 10 minutes), you can pop it on and off your tripod with ease. Check out the video below to see some of the shots we pulled off with the slider, my Canon 60d and a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens.

Canon 60D with Sigma 30mm f1.4

Canon 60D with GT Glidtrack



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