Digital Zoetrope Wins Five Addys

Digital Zoetrope Wins Five Addys

On February 21st, Digital Zoetrope Productions won 5 ADDY Awards from the American Advertising Federation. The 5 awards were for three different clients, Intersil corporationCruiseOne and Hear Gear. The first of the awards was for the video, “Power Your Future”, done for Intersil. “Power Your Future” is a video that details why Intersil is a great place of employment. The second award was for the “Power Your Future” campaign, which was a series of videos done for Intersil’s Human Resources Department. The third award was for the “Focus on Power Management” campaign for Intersil. This campaign was a series of videos that highlight the new Power Management technologies and direction for Intersil’s semi-conductors. The fourth award was for “Mason’s Surprise Cruise”, a heart warming video about a free cruise given to a needy family by CruiseOne. The fifth and final award was for “Free Wavez – Be Unstoppable!” done for Hear Gear with Tight Line Productions acting as the agency. “Be Unstoppable!” is a video that showcases Hear Gear’s innovative wireless earbuds.

The five ADDY Awards won by Digital Zoetrope Productions represent a perfect sweep as DZ had five nominated videos and won with all five. This marks the second year in a row that Digital Zoetrope Productions has won an ADDY award, winning an award in 2014 for a television commercial done for Computer Experts.

You can watch the award winning videos below.

Power Your Future at Intersil

Intersil Power Management

Mason’s Surprise Cruise

Free Wavz…Be Unstoppable

Power Your Future Campaign

Reasons To Use A Video Production Company

Reasons To Use A Video Production Company

Get the Best Possible Video

Regardless the purpose of the video, you always want to guarantee it’s of high quality. There is the option to create the video yourself; however, utilizing a professional video production service is a better option.

The Right Equipment

A quality video requires more than a video camera. Production companies possess high-quality video cameras, lighting equipment and video editing software that are necessary to create outstanding videos.

Experienced in Script Writing

Your video should get its message clearly across to the audience. Video production companies are experienced in writing scripts that can get the message across in an effective way.

Save Time

Unless you are highly experienced in video editing and production, producing the final work can be time-consuming. Professional production companies can save you time having the final edit ready in a timely manner.

The next time you need to create a video, choose a professional video production company to assist you. Digital Zoetrope Productions offers exception video production services that results in quality videos every time.

Three Important Components for Creating a TV Commercial

Three Important Components for Creating a TV Commercial

Advertising through a Commercial

A TV commercial is a very popular and important form of advertising. Whenever a person or company wants to create a TV commercial, there are some important components to keep in mind.

The Script

The purpose of a commercial is to convince the viewers to purchase your product or service. The script should be short, yet possess key points that will capture the interest of others.

The Visuals

Whether it’s people, objects or a combination of both, the visuals will have an impact on the commercial. The visuals used should relate to the product and perfectly suit the subject matter.

The Production

What’s the point of having a good script and great actors if the production quality is low? It’s important that both audio and visual are of high quality and match well with the other.

If need help producing a commercial, turn to Digital Zoetrope Productions. Get assistance in creating a high-quality TV commercial that meets your budget.

Website Is Important Asset For Business

Website Is Important Asset For Business

All Businesses Can Benefit from a Website

Whether it’s a small business, or a large corporation, a website is an important asset to any company. A business can achieve greater success with a properly structured website.

Increases Online Presence

There has been a steady increase in online searches. People use the internet to find the services and products they need, or even conduct research on companies. A website allows people to find adequate and important information about a company.

Low-Cost Advertising

Commercials, flyers and billboards are great ways to advertise your company, but can become costly over time. With a website, a business is able to advertise their products or services at a specific cost yearly.

24/7 Access

Most businesses cannot have their doors open 24/7. However, a website is a great way to provide customers and client 24/7 accessibility. They can find support and information at any time, without having to visit the business’s physical location.

If you want to create a website, or want to construct a better one, Digital Zoetrope Productions can assist you. With their help, you are sure to create a website that will bring more success to your business.

Free Wavz Video Shoot with Sony F5

Free Wavz Video Shoot with Sony F5


Digital Zoetrope Productions was hired by Tight Line Productions recently to shoot and edit a video highlighting the ease of use of the Free Wavz wireless headphones during workouts. The video was shot primarily with our Sony F5 Cinealta camera. A GoPro Hero 3+ attached to a Phantom Quadcopter also was used for a few aerial shots.

For many of the exercise shots such as the CrossFit sequence and Boxing sequences, we utilized the F5’s high frame rate capabilities and recorded at 180 frames per second. This allowed us to slow down and ramp up the video in post to create a unique look for the video.

Free Wavz are wireless headphones made by Hear Gear and are designed for workouts. So to show off the freedom wireless headphones give you, we shot four “Vignettes” with different workouts, Boxing, Weight Lifting, CrossFit and Running.

The first 3 vignettes were shot in a gym while the running vignette was filmed along the causeway and riverfront in Melbourne. The Sony F5 primarily shot with our 24-78mm f2.8 lens with a couple of shots utilizing our wide angle 12-24mm f4 lens and our 50mm f1.4 Zeiss prime lens. Lighting was primarily accomplished with Kino Flo Diva lights and Mole Richardson Baby and Tweeny LED lights.

Post-production was completed on Digital Zoetrope’s Adobe Premiere Pro editing system. The Sony F5’s robust codec and S-Log2 capabilities allowed us to really play with the color correction in post to give the video a more “edgy” look. Check out the finished video above.

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